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't really want to see that. >> reporter: and it seems to have everything to do with me. steve hirsch, ceo of vivid entertainment, one of the biggest producers, spoke with "nightline" in 2009. >> the truth is that when people watch adult movies they are watching it for the fantasy. they don't want to see condoms. it just doesn't sell as well. that's just a fact. >> they say they won't make as much money but they would like to use 16-year-old girls and they're not permitted to do that. city and county government don't want to deal with this because it deals with sex, it deals with fornothi pornography. that's a really bad excuse for not protecting these young people. >> reporter: of the major adult entertainment producers, only one studio requires condom use for all their contract stars. wicked pictures. >> most of the companiy ies fro upon it. if you are saying, i want to wear a condom, chances are, they're going to take the girl that is going to do it without the condom. >> reporter: there have been current actresses who say, it doesn't bother them. are they not telling the truth? >> i th
to a lot of devastation, unfortunately. >> steve, will you lend gretchen your plane next time? >> i'll lend her my lack of electricity. now day five no electricity in our house. >> me, too. >> i got it back last night. you are welcome to a sleepover. i have a blow up mattress. >> i have the one flashlight i've been using it for five days, shaved with it this morning. >> we have so many trees down, i have no idea when power will be restored. stay tuned for next week. headlines for this wednesday, the latest on the aftermath from hurricane irene. u.s. blackhawk helicopters delivering much needed supplies to people in vermont this morning. more than a dozen towns left stranded because roads and bridges are washed out. the situation just as dire in new jersey. towns near the passaic river being evacuated as floodwaters continue to rise. some people being rescued by boat from their homes. >> i know people in the communities that i visited say wayne and fairfield have dealt with something like this before. but this is the worst that any of them have seen. i saw just extraordinary despair
these things all change but right now we're off to a pretty good start. at 5:07 let's go to steve thank you, sir, and a very good morning to you all. low clouds and fog and rather solid unless north of the coast and it does look mostly clear, although crescent city in the last hour said light rain. i think that's probably drizzle but for us mostly cloudy but by 3:00 it will be mostly clear. i think we'll get a little northerly breeze behind this northwest, get out a lot of this cloud deck and tomorrow looks mostly clear but low clouds around the bay, sunny later on 70-76 and inland temperatures, any fog will burn off fast, cool mornings, no doubt about it especially for the end of august 48-58 but sunny and breezy, and those away from the waters edge, you can see a little bit of a north wind already taking shape. some of the fog going north to south on the coast so i should get chewed up a little bit later. 52-59 yesterday, the airport dropped to 45 and that's cold, and the clouds will stop that today. 56 fairfield, san jose clear and 55, and a west southwest and that's the direction the wi
on sunday. tori, dave? >> thank you, steve. >>> it's 7:11. >>> security on 9/11, what the federal government is doing to prepare for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. >>> also, hanging up his uniform for good, the top u.s. commander in iraq is leaving the pentagon today for the halls of another washington institution. >>> on the 14th anniversary of her death, how princess diana currently ranks among popularity with all british royal. hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. plus i get two boxtops for their school. >>> 60s, 70s, it does look warmer -- hold on -- hold on -- tomorrow. >> tomorrow. all right. thank you, steve. >>> it's 7:14. general david petraeus officially retires from the army today after 37 years of serv
'm sam cook almost a brand new look. how is the weather looking. steve is here with the forecast. >> we do have more of the same usual low clouds and fog. it looks like today it will burn off. sunshine and breezy on the cool size. cool and sunny and breezy. a little bit below average. a lot of 60s and 70s. temperatures carrying over today. now here is south. >> good morning on the golden gate bridge traffic ruled pretty good heading down to the toll plaza. the fog is not a big issue on this span. this is a look at it. same thing goes. traffic is smooth. 6:01. let's go back to it. >> wear starting our 6:00 with developing news the father of teenage girl of holster is now holly store. authorities tracked down ramirez in snobbier dean know county just before 5:00 this morning. >> she did not appear to be physically harmed. >>> chemoing san jose school children safe as they head to school. he's in san jose to talk about a new speed limit that's under consideration. tara. >> well, we're here the great topic school off of great street. and as you can see behind me there are people speeding be
into the westbound. so at 4:37 let's go to steve. >> well, i take it -- >> that was a good one. >> we do have a low clouds moving back in if you enjoyed yesterday, you'll probably like today. if you like a little cooler, near to average temperatures slightly below. not much change along the coast. a lot of 50s. i'll tell you i can't remember the summer where the lows, i mean, i could have talked about these on june 1st and probably been close all the way through june, july and august. they really haven't changed much. usually in the summertime we'll get to upper 60s. 57 liver moore. system moving in right there. you can see it digging in as it does. that helps enhance the fog. now, once that goes through, which will be tonight, tomorrow morning then high pressure should build a.m -- build in behind. that widespread fog. therefore 2000 feet, whatever you want to call it. 2000 feet. it's more low clouds than fog. temperatures near the -- slightly below average for this time of year. biggest impact will be inland. i really don't see much changes. for some 50s, 60s. low mid-80s, temperatures continue t
he composed about susan. ♪[ music ] >> steve powell has already made the shocking claim on national t.v. that he was in love with his daughter in law and that she supposed hurricane came on to him. >> i wasn't going to turn down an opportunity with this beautiful woman even though she was my son's wife. >> now these love songs have just been discovered on a website " of steve powell's. -to this song titled "i said i love you" that susan's friends say is all about her. ♪ you made my eyes pop out of their sockets. you could empty all my pockets. this flirtation isn't rocket science. you came along and really knocked my socks off ♪ ♪ now you're all i think and talk of. so much for my former self- reliance ♪ >> i spoke to one of of susan's closest friends. she says susan told her she rejected her father-in-law's advances and even moved from seattle to utah to get away from him. that led him to write this song "i'm missing you." ♪ i can love you in a secret way. i can love you each and every day ♪ ♪ there is nothing i can't see. there is nothing you can't be. it's not perfec
this is the last day of august, 2011, the 31st. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> all of the schools in calvert and st. mary's county are still closed today. prince george's county schools are open. there are just four schools there without power. they are glenarden woods elementary, heather hills elementary, rock ledge elementary and tall oaks vocational high school. officials say they will make a status decision about those schools before 6:00 this morning. >>> howard county with just one school without power. it is appleton elementary. anne arundel has 15 schools that will stay closed. that list is on our web site. >>> over 2,000 pepco customers are still in the dark. bge has 57,000 still without power in knife local counties. in southern maryland more than 17,000 customers are still without electricity. some bge customers tell us they are fed up. >> my message for bge is figure it out. >> get your act together, big final. >> my message to bge is can you please turn my power back o i miss the internet. >> help us pay fo
the starfield it was. and these conditions continue now into the next five days. >>> right now, steve hill, 79 degrees. but gentle breeze, the furniture has risen to 3023. but that during the height of irony, the barometer is 2901. when you boot directory and the barometer up, but significant area of high pressure, totally calm weather sitting right on top. >>> 79 at this time yesterday, 79 belkin, close to 80 in dc and pax river. upper 90's and older, greater colombia 77, and there it is. and this film of high pressure continues to run our weather now to the entire holiday weekend. >>> we lost the weekend last weekend because of irene, well i have to tell you, is coming in in the big way. >>> partly sunny, 85 today, 62 degrees overnight. mostly sunny skies, high temperature of 84 degrees. the normal daytime highs of 83 -- well, we have decided forecast shortly. partly sunny. >> still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon, it's designed to save lives but could it have the opposite affect? in danger of deeper villagers coming up in healthwatch. and wjz 13 is always on, you're the top stories
proved an irresistible draw for forgers. from berlin, steve has all the details. >> german detectives have opened the door on what they call a huge scandal. in a police station was a collection of masterworks of the '20s century. they sold for many millions, but they are all fakes. scientific analysis reveals them to be part of a con. >> a scandal. and most exciting scandal in the art world. we are discussing 47, 48, 50 very, very famous paintings that are fakes. >> the alleged forgers are awaiting trial. ninth of the art world was amazed, a collection had been sold that no one had heard of before. this one was sold for $6 million. this one was sold for $3.5 million. scientific investigations using microscopes and x-rays revealed that some of the paint could not have come from the time the artist for painting. artists not involve said that the problem is that our experts did not look below the surface. >> many experts said they did not need scientific investigation. they said they knew the art so well, the charisma from the work itself, that they could define an original. >> germany h
it deeply. >> thank-you, steve, for that. still to come on "gmt," as the memoir of dick cheney hits the shelves, it has already attracted criticism from the former secretary of state. stars, filmmakers, and fans began arriving in venice for the annual film festival. organizers are prompting one of their most glamorous events yet. george clooney is just one of the big names set to rejuvenate the annual gathering. his new movie, the ides of march, will have its premiere there. >> today is the beginning -- >> in his latest movie, george clooney stars as an american politician. he will be one of 23 directors vying for the top award in venice. the coveted golden lion. >> it is always nice. i like it. >> "the odds of march." >> premiers over the next 10 years -- 10 days, returning to the professional glamour of the past. >> we are hoping to bring that back. thanks to [reads names] and our old friend, [unintelligible] it may happen. >> george clooney -- madonna may be the biggest story on the red carpet. there was controversy last year when several major awards went to friends of quentin t
over the age of 50 are at risk of going hungry. that's up almost 80% over the last decade. abc's steve osunsami spoke to some of those struggling today. >> reporter: nancy and randall watkins say they were just like most middle class couples in their early 50s, making sure everything was paid on time until he got sick last year. and then she got sick. and they both lost their jobs. today, they can barely put food on the table. >> sometimes you don't want to get up. you just think today will be better. so, i'm thinking, lord, let me feel better. >> reporter: they use all kinds of tricks to make their food last. they eat food that's gone bad. and eat cereal without the milk. >> sometimes there's not a lot of milk, you know? you compromise. you can use water. >> reporter: they make too much from disabilititto get food stamps. but they don't make enough to pay their bills. they owe $25,000 to a hospital in kentucky. today's report say it's now americans in their 50s who are in the prime of their working lives and more likely to be hungry than people in their 60s and 70s. >> these are folks
know, we had all the guys, john goodman, steve buscemi, turturro -- >> jay: wow. >> -- julianne moore, t-bone was there. >> jay: t-bone burnett? okay. >> yeah. >> jay: okay. >> oh man, it was wonderful. but, it was -- it was bizarre. >> jay: bizarre? >> it was like -- it was like one of the dude's dreams or something. [ laughter ] you know, it was a huge theatre. >> jay: right. >> maybe five or six balconies. they had these big leather, white chairs that we sat in. and everybody's quite the distance. and the moderator would ask a a question and the sound was so bad, you couldn't hear anything. it was just like -- [ makes bizarre noises ] [ laughter ] you know and then you're laughing. you said, "well i'd better try to --" you know, you do the best. finally, i just told the audience, i said, "you know, we cannot hear one word any of you guys have said. why don't we all just all 'om'?" >> jay: "om?" >> so, i led them in some oming and, you know, called it a a night. [ laughter ] >> jay: keeping with the -- >> yeah. >> jay: do you have a favorite line? what is your favori
to be upheld by the german constitutional court next week. >> steve is here to tell us about a deal that is not being put through, so to speak. >> the u.s. competition council is blocking at&t + $39 billion takeover of two mobile. they have said that the combination would hurt competition and likely lead to higher prices for customers. shares of t mobil's parent company plunged on the news. this would have created a giant in mobile telephony that at&t argued would provide better service to more of the u.s. market. the justice department said there would be less pressure on the few large players left to keep prices down and improve service. at&t is pursuing efforts to rescue the merger. while european markets suffer markets for the month as a whole, shares did rally on the last day of august. the one german exception, deutsche telekom. >> the ceo has a problem, that is what a trader said. telekom shares nose dive with a drop of 8%. this is the only sure that was losing. what you do now in the u.s.? invest? one decided for a sale but that does not seem possible now. many questions rem
process that steve will be bringing forward to you at the next meeting. this is the port commission, basically saying that they approved to go ahead because the implication steps in the process would work that needs to be done with that the army to coordinate the demolition of pure 36 will be construction of the plaza itself. there is a lot of technical detail that needs to be coordinated between those efforts. it has been under way, but with action today we would be able to pull through and meet that schedule for delivering in time for next summer. thank you. >> it might be premature to ask about this. it might be something for the army corps, but i have a question about the existing tiles that are there. in terms of the reduction of the significant impacts, it seems that a lot of it relates to driving. are there any opportunities to preserve what exists, as much as what is being done at the exploreatorium? >> great question. during the detailed engineering design, we looked at several methods to incorporate into the new project that turned out to be more expensive. we went forward
steve fertig has a look at your 7 day ffrecast after the break. preak. you're watching fox 5 ggod day baltimore. áá7 day forecastáá
steve purdy en portland timbers trabajan desde ayer bajo las Órdenes de ruben israel. eltero miguel montes, quedo descastado porque no logra recuperarse de un esguince en el tobillo izquierdo. dejamos el futboly nos metemos en el deporte blanco. se jugo el segundo dia del abierto de tenis de estados unidos y sin sorpresas mayusculas, en hombres clasificaron a la segunda ronda, los espaÑoles feliciano lopez y guillermo garcia lopez, el brasileÑo rogerio dutra da silva, los argentinos diego junqueira y juan martin del potro, en la rama femenina clasificaron maria kirilenko, anabel medina, monica niculescu, vera znonareva y nadia petrova entre otras. el abierto de tennis de estados unidos repartee mas de 23 millones de dolares en premios. hasta aqui los deportes, tendremos mas esta noche solo a las once, los eperamos.
was unable to continue to pursue a metal. bummer. >> good afternoon. back in 2002, steve spurrier's first season with the skins, the old ball coach kept the quarterback inside the beltway until the end. he waited until the final preseason game was over to declare shane matthews the starting quarterback over danny werfle, both gator, fyi. same scenario for beck and rex. we know that landry starts at safety and if -- that is a big if. they played the first three sea -- preseason games without him. he won't play tomorrow night against tampa. if he's not ready for the season opener september 11th against the giants, guys like dowdy will have to step up. >> that is in the out of pressure. that is why i signed back. exactly the scenario they signed me back for to play special teams to start if i need you and i am comfortable in both safety positions and have gotten more reps in camp and i feel ready to go yo and that is why reid is here, chris is here and that is a good combination. >> steven strasburg is set to make his season debut and when the dodgers come and scheduled to start on republica
harmful obama regulations he wants them to be repealed my question, steve and i were talking and we brought up the fact is this a waste of time what are we doing here. >> we need to create jobs we need to get the economy moving again this era rick canter nonsense -- eric canter nonsense doesn't -- he doesn't want to give money to fema, well, your state virginia got whacked it seems to me eric canter his emphasis is on the wrong thing. >> is this a waste of time? we want to be repealing -- >> well, i think that is true people want to be working one of the things that is a correlation with, is a lot of these regulations are hurting jobs i mean the more you hinder a small business from growing and doing things, the more it hurts. >>> there was a regulation came out you talk about crazy regulations, there was a regulation on goat herders coming through why are we writing regulations that is silly stuff, stupid stuff >> i agree. >> are we talking about goat herders in repealing -- >> no, look [ overlapping voices ] >>> this is just an example of an
that humans caused global warming. steve doocy, drop some science on them. >> while there's no dispute the fact t fact the earth is getting a little warmer, the big question is, is it man made or is it just one of those gigantic climactic phases that we're going through? for a while we're cold; then we get warmer. then we get colder and warmer. which one is it? >> stephen: yeah, make up your mind, scientists. do you believe in the conclusions you've reached from decades of peer-reviewed study or, you know, the wavy arm thing? (laughter) like this and then it goes like that and then it goes like that. (applause) makes no sense. come to think of it, this isn't the only thing spongebob pushes as fact. for instance, he lives in a pine a a l under the sea? he's a fry cook! (laughter) the most he can afford is a studio grape. (laughter) nation, these days, you know, we live a 24/7 connected society that's getting so busy it may soon upgrade to 25/8. which is great news, because we are the sum total of our experiences. and thanks to all this technology, we've having so many more experiences t
more american entrepreneurs and businessmen should be doing? there's steve jobs. he's a genius. he has these amazing ideas. he gets a brilliant design team around him. he has as jack welsh points out, a brilliant system of delivery for his products. he gets it out there. fast and efficiently. and he sells it around you go to china or india or europe. there are apples products, piled high. beautiful quality, incredibly reliable and they're available to all, selling like hot cakes and he is a brilliant marketeer, too. that kind of thing that america needs so much more of. identifying products to the whole world. >> it is happening in small ways. i've met so many start-up entrepreneurs all around the country. it is much harder for them to make it work now. but it is still happening. that's for me, the hope for the future. as a greek, as a naturalized american, as a double dose of optimism. viewers depressed. that sense of ingenuity. that entrepreneurial spirit is very much alive. what we need to do is to overcome the dysfunctional nature of our government at the moment that is really gett
. a couple of those. talk about it with the panel, steve hayes for "weekly standard," kristen powers and charles krauthammer. i'll start with you. what do you make of the white house issuing guidelines how you are supposed to carry out any 9/11 memorial? >> i'm surprised it's news. it has caused controversy with people falling in the category of the obama administration can't do anything right it seems. to some people. they had two set of guidelines they sent out. some overseas for diplomatic purposes and some for here in the united states they seemed perfectly appropriate to me. good they plan for the things. serious time in the nation's history. i am surprised at the criticism, frankly. >> shannon: some of the criticism is we're not supposed to cast ourselves as the ole victim of 9/11, talk about there are terror attacks all over the u.s. not just -- all over the world, not just u.s. but we are talking about what happened here, pentagon, new york, and pennsylvania. >> it turns out on 9/11 we were the only victims in keeping with the administration entire philosophy, the president'
. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> let's head to the northeast right now still reel prosecuting the wrath of irene. the biggest concern, raging flood waters in vermont. many bridges and roads have been washed away there. national guard helicopters dropping off food and water and special truck are being used to ship in other supplies. >> hurricane irene continues to impact local schools here. let's take a look at those. all calvert and st. mary's county schools are closed today. >> prince george's county schools are open but there are four individual school buildings without power. they are glenarden woods elementary, heather hills elementary, rock ledge elementary and tall oak vocational high school. officials had said they would make a status decision before 6:00. we are expecting to get that word coming down in just a short time. >> holton high school will remain closed today. autopsy arundel has 15 schools that will be closed because of no power. that complete list is on our web site, >>> tucker with is us once ag
. maybe it's a dream world to steve powell about susan. he likes to be in control, and of course his son is going to be with him. megyn: neither one of you believes that your daughter had any sort of an inappropriate relationship with her father-in-law, steve powell? >> no, and these diaries, or journals are really about our daughter younger, not really while she was married, as far as i know. we never read them, it was private, and we're appalled that they would put those out there. and not only are they speaking against susan, which is surprising that a husband would say such things who says he loves her, and that she was a good mother and a good wife at one time in the beginning, and now haoe he's trashing her, and not only is he trashing her he's also saying things against the family. megyn: yes, we've seen some of that. let me bring you in, you represent this couple. and i know you've been fighting to keep those diaries private. you won a temporary ruling on friday to keep them private. but it's not a permanent order is my understanding. it's also my understanding that the diaries a
over the world know steve. so it's a terrible loss to us. >> reporter: dr. keller's memorial service will be held at the st. christopher catholic church monday morning at 11:00. live in san jose tonight, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> such a tragic accident. thank you, george. >>> crane collapse is not the name of a new attraction at an amusement park but what happened this afternoon. this is chopper video of a massive crane on its side along i-80 east of the state capital. it crashed into the ground while workers were performing maintenance on a roller coaster. two workers are recovering from their injuries tonight. >>> it's been a controversial summer for b.a.r.t. and now a new boss. tomorrow, b.a.r.t. is expected to name a new general manager. they're expected to appoint grace krunaken, a one-time employee in president clinton's administration. >>> a trip to southern california ended with a trip to the emergency room and major surgery for san francisco's archbishop. he is recovering from double bypass heart surgery. he was on vacation when he got chest pains and went to th
's the new how you doing? my name is steve. my family's lived in this neighborhood for years. recently, things got so tight we had to go to our local food bank for help. i lost a lot of sleep worrying about what the neighbors might think. that is, until i saw them there, too. how'd i do, steve? a little stiff. you could have done a little better. what? come on. you know, i have an academy award. yeah, but not for playing me. announcer: play a role in ending hunger. announcer: when you earn your ged diploma, the barriers in your life fall. take the first step and get free ged information in your area at 1-877-38-your-ged, or >>> this morning on "world news now," river rescues. the raging waterways in the northeast flooded by the rereants of hurricane irene. >> dozens of people were killed and the national guard is in a rush to get those still out of danger. it is wednesday, august 31st. >> good morning, i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. it's still too early to tell how mumu storm damage there is and how much it will cost to clean up after irene and there's still no power
loopholes in it. fox's consumer reporter steve -- joined us earlier to break it down. >> reporter: despite the new phase of the card act coming soon, there are going be loopholes left open, things you need to be aware of. for example, while there is a cap on limiting fees and on interest rate hikes, there is still not a cap on how much interest a bank can charge and that means the truly credit challenge, some of the folks will be facing interest rates up to 49.9%. the no-rate hike in the first year part is the headline that everyone sees, right? what they don't see is the fine print. you get your credit card in the mail and rip open the envelope and is there is that booklet in there that everyone tosses to the side. read what is in there. you would know that that ax plies to fixed-rate credit cards and if your card is tied to a variable, like prime, for example, card issuers can and will increase your rate immediately and without notice. -- if you pay more than 60 days late, that can increase the interest rate. >> very good information there. to see it, watch the entire interview on the cr
for by their boss, steve hindy. that's next week on "the boss." >>> the american and canadian labor day holidays are coming this weekend, those people pause to rest and pay tribute, some say the days of the labor union in america are numbered. poppy harlow looks at that just ahead. . >>> from cnn london i'm nina dos santos. >> i'm andrew stevens at cnn hong kong. welcome back to "world business today." >>> let's take a look at how the markets are faring in europe, 90 minutes into today's trading session. broadly speaking, more or less all positive. there's a reason for this. it's because the release of the minutes from the latest federal reserve meeting in the united states indicated some of the members there on the rate-setting committee could be favorable towards more financial and fiscal stimulus. that is what has the markets up. as you can see the cac 40 pouring ahead up 1.5%, despite the fact that the largest retailer in france has come out with a loss in his figures. not enough to bring down the cac 40, that market up to the tune of 1.5%. similar gains for the dax in frankfurt. andrew. >>
the week of august 22nd to 28th compiled by pew research, gadhafi 58%, barack obama 39, steve jobs 19, dominique strauss-kahn still in the news, 15, and rick perry right there with 14. >> where's beyonce'? >> where's beyonce'? and where's mitt romney? so is this something at this stage in a campaign where you're saying, rick perry is sucking all the oxygen, is that good or bad? >> worst thing mitt romney could do right now is demonstrate weakness by flailing around, changing everything he's doing. he's beginning to draw some nice subtle differences, plan for these debates. but so far be the jobsmaker. david is exactly right. be the jobsmaker. explain that people who got us into this mess can't get us out. >> so it doesn't bother you. it shouldn't bother romney? >> he's working the back rooms, raising a lot of money. rick perry is going to have to do that all over again in a environment where campaign contributions are restricted unlike texas. >> this thing won't be decided in the next couple of months. it's a long haul. >> and you'll be with us for it. >> i will be with you. >> and yo
prospered. we don't have that. steve jobs. here is another great example. steve jobs obsessed on making a cleaner, simply, better. he did it night and day. i don't care if it's fdr or it's ronald reagan. ronald reagan's obsession in 1981, i'm going to get america moving and back to work. it was a singular obsession. i wonder sometimes, arianna, whether this president, if it's not who he is. these conservatives who say he's an ideologue, he's not. whether you are a conservative reagan or liberal, fdr. >> right now, the two things coming together. one is symbolically, it's a very significant moment. that was the last time when you described what happened on a large scale, when you came together as a nation. you could overcome anything. >> you were told to go shopping. >> let's not minimize it. we came together as a country. there you go being very ideological. arianna is exactly right. after 9/11, we came together as country. you got the feeling like we heard in world war ii in the fox holes, there weren't democrats and republicans. >> the thing obama has is his competitive spirit has bee
to president bush before. if you have a great question, e-mail me. maybe i'll try to weave it? >> steve: it was great last year. probably better this year. >> brian: i just can't miss the ball. >> gretchen: that's exactly right. see you tomorrow. bill: good morning. fox news alert. the floodwaters are still surging as the northeast still struggles in the wake of irene. watch this video out of patterson, new jersey. the passaic river is not supposed to look like that. good morning. that's where we start. you know the falls. martha: those are the great falls in patterson but they are not normally that great. i'm martha maccallum, good to have you with us today. president obama is signing disaster declarations in two more states. governor chris christie would like the same thing for his state. >> it's dangerous and scary at the same time. >> they are saying it will be 14 feet higher. >> this is bad. >> nothing like this where i had to get out of my home twice. today i can't even go back to my home. i would say it's a disaster area. >> these are nice homes. they put a lot into them. it's re
donning his 11-year-old son is now under arrest. steve cross's home was about to be foreclosed on, when he left a note with his child telling him to move in with the neighbors. cross was found working at a deli in california. >>> it's not quite snakes in the plain but close enough, screeners at miami's international airport said a man tried to get through security with seven snakes and three turtles wrapped inside his pants. yeah, that's right. u.s. fish and wildlife officers took custody of the animals and they have arrested that passenger. >>> go to college, get a degree? yeah, you think it's good advice but also pretty expensive, so is that degree really even worth the price? we'll find out from a young woman with a dream job and also mountain of debt. >>> plus we'll tell you which college degrees give you the most bang for your buck, the top three highest paying degrees, that when we come back. what do we have? all four of us, together? 24. he's low fat, too, and has 5 grams of sugars. i'll believe it when i--- [ both ] oooooh... what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, p
destroyed. hundreds more have been evacuated. steve stower is right in the fire zone. >> reporter: the flames are out of control. this home no match burning to the ground in seconds. this resort area just west of ft. worth, reduced to rubble. at least 25 homes destroyed. nearly 200 more threatened along thousands of acres. my colleague, jim douglas, was in the middle of it. >> these apartments are going to clearly come to the ground. these already did. there are burned foundations all around here. the lights in the middle of the flfles, the volunteer firefighters, trying to save them. >> reporter: the dense smoke so thick it is cutting off highways. >> you can't see through that stuff. and it's very scary. >> reporter: some fire crews surrounded. three dozen departments in all are fighting these fires fueled by historic drought conditions and relentless winds, on the ground and by air. as residents try to evacuate. >> you think you have time, and you don't. >> we just took what we could from our home. >> reporter: to the north in oklahoma city, another dozen homes have been lost.
eye's view on this and eric, you're pretty close -- steve, you're pretty close to what happened here. >> the initial memo came about, frankly, as a lot of discussion in the campaign. >> uh-huh. >> and the president agreed that if people are strictly complying with state medical marijuana laws, it shouldn't be a federal enforcement priority. the problem was, most of the medical marijuana laws at that time were kind of the -- what we had in colorado, the grow your own caretaker sort of thing. we did not have the dispensary on every corner model. we moved to that, other states are -- have moved to it or are contemplating moving to it and i'll tell you what's going on in ombcp. they're nervous at heck of that handout. the rate of teenage use of marijuana and the only thing that's changed in the market is the medical marijuana phenomenon. the teenage use of marijuana is increasing significantly. and i know for a fact they don't want to be responsible for returns to 1979 levels of marijuana use in this country. that's what's going and the justice department said, hey, wait a minute, and is
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